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To protect children in the highest risk categories G2L has been dedicated to feeding and housing Central Florida hotel homeless families for the past 8 years.

As an organization we have learned through years of experience that when you are boots on the streets, it enables us to gather invaluable information all the while building trusting relationships that has been our biggest asset to locating sex trafficked victims


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Volunteers Serving Food


Give to Live’s (G2L) mission is to eradicate sex trafficking by locating and rescuing victims, educating the public, and protecting, feeding & housing our critically vulnerable hotel homeless families.


·      EDUCATE the public on the realities of sex trafficking and how to protect their families


·      SERVE immediate and ongoing needs of victims, survivors, and their families


·      COLLABORATE with local and regional law enforcement and task forces


·      FEED AND HOUSE at risk families currently classified as “hotel homeless”


·      IDENTIFY sex trafficked victims in Central Florida


·      LOCATE and RESCUE sex trafficked victims in Central Florida


·      PROVIDE safe housing for rescued victims


·      EXPOSE potential and repeat sex traffickers in Central Florida




Over the last eight years, the team at Give to Live has been dedicated to feeding, clothing and housing Central Florida “hotel homeless” families. For obvious reasons, these are some of the highest risk children. Throughout our history fighting for victims, we have learned that when boots are on the ground, we are able to gather invaluable information. The relationships formed with our hotel homeless families have been our biggest asset in locating sex trafficked victims in the Central Florida region. These leads and a partnership with law enforcement have helped us locate and rescue victims.


Stacy Burgess

Executive Director

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Meet the founders and brave community leaders who are leading the charge against sex trafficking in our community. 

Deana LaRosa

First Vice President

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Michael Aubut

Chief Treasurer

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Debbie Anker


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